Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't understand

It is infuriatingly difficult to find out who called your mobile phone if you don't already have their number saved as a contact name and they didn't leave a voicemail in Australia. I know the number is from NSW because it has the 02 prefix, but to find anything else, it seems I must be a government agent. Seriously, wtf?

I did a little google searching for a reverse phone database/lookup for Australia, but I couldn't find one. Some of the search results seem to indicate that there is legislation keeping this sort of functionality unavailable for Australia. Their regular phone listings are searchable on the internet. If I know someone's name, I can search the online white pages for her address and/or phone number. However, I cannot search for her name and/or address if all I have is the telephone number.

That makes no sense. It's just allowing search on a different category in the database. I could do the same thing if I wanted to take the damn time to transcribe the phone book into a text file and grep for the phone number. How is being able to find someone from the phone number they leave behind any more invasive of privacy than finding them from the name they leave behind? Can someone, preferably one of the geniuses that voted to make this sort of arrangement, please explain the logic behind such an asinine law?

Also, could that same person please point me in the direction of someone who could tell me who tried to call me because if it's someone I'd like to talk to, I'd like to call her back. Thanks

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I've finally fallen victim to increasing my internet presence. Far be it from me to be anonymous any longer. At least now I have a much better place to post blogs than MySpace (why oh why did I let my friends talk me into that?).