Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This past weekend, I was part of a team making a short for Campus MovieFest. I don't know about everyone else, but I had a great time. We came up with the scenario on Tuesday: A Luchador is fired from a realestate job because taking off the mask is unthinkable. Wandering dejected, the luchador passes a down-and-out gorilla and banana when a clown snatches the mask away. Horror fills the luchador until a Burt Reynolds type moustache is seen on the ground. It finds its way to her face, and we see her successful next to a picture of the man himself. Could there be a more awesome movie in the contest? I don't think so.

It took a good bit of time to edit, and the scoring went badly enough that we had it scored by someone else, but I have to say that assisting with the editing was a good bit of fun. I'd like to do more of it. I wish I would have known someone who was participating in this (BU doesn't) last year; it would have been a good time.

I've still not seen the finished product, and I'm quite eager. At any rate, joining the The Okie made me do it film cooperative was a very welcome break from the putrefaction of joy brought about by incessant analysis of films along stultifying lines of argument ridden into the ground long ago like a bomb between the legs of Maj. T.J. Kong.