Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have fasted for 39 hours to purify and prepare myself for the journey today. I took to the hills of Topanga that house Eagle Rock to seek enlightenment and, perhaps, a vision. I sought dreams.

My friends the birds sang my path as the breath of the spirits of this place whispered wisdom in my ears. I walked along shaded and exposed paths, following the song of my friends. There was one who followed me, harrowing my steps with his hook, ensuring I did not turn back.

The slight hint of mint flowed on the spirits' breath as I found revelations. I sought new dreams and found only what was. Flowers I had not seen before now bloom along my path. That does not mean they were not there all along, only that they were not ready for me before, or I for them, or both.

There is beauty in the simplicity of what I dream now. It takes time to discover this, and wisdom to rediscover it is more difficult to do something simple and well, to approach perfection in that small thing, than it is to do something grand yet gross.

My friends the birds and the spirits of this place helped enlightenment to find me. They sang me along the path and whispered me what I needed to find.

Dreams need not be grand, and we should not lament not seeing them. Like the flowers, they are always there. There is only for them to be ready for me, me for them, for both.